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The Dispatch: Weekly Newsletter

One of the hardest parts of basic training is disconnecting from home and things you care about. With the Dispatch you can send your Recruit or Trainee weekly content that will entertain and inform them about what’s going on in the world outside of basic training. Curated by the Sandboxx editorial team, we provide unique weekly content delivered to them using the same next-day delivery system as our Letters product. You can pick what type of content to send to your service member.

The “On Duty“ newsletter features a variety of military news and educational reading geared toward a successful military career.

The “Off Duty“ newsletter features current event topics and entertainment related to the military.

Please Note

  • Newsletters will be sent directly to your recruit based on the address you’ve inputted in your Sandboxx Account.

  • Newsletters will arrive at base mailrooms each week on Fridays.

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