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Your guide to promotions from Sandboxx and our partners.


Save 25% your order when you purchase the Weekly Dispatch and the Daily Drive Subscription:


First Time Letter Senders. Redeemable in your Sandboxx Mobile App or our website here:


Save 15% off The Dispatch: Weekly Newsletter:



Sandboxx Referral Program

Refer friends and family to Sandboxx and earn rewards! Once your referral (must be a new user) signs up for Sandboxx with your unique code and sends their first Letter, you both earn a Letter credit. *Please note: Referral Reward tokens have no cash value*
  • Refer 1 User: 1 Letter Token rewarded ($4 Value)
  • Refer 2 Users: 3 Letter Tokens rewarded ($12 Value)
  • Refer 3 Users: 5 Letter Tokens rewarded ($20 Value)

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