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Sandboxx Family Plus - Monthly Subscription

The premium military support experience made for families. With a monthly Sandboxx Plus subscription, our team will help navigate you from Basic Training all the way to your Service Member's deployment and beyond. 

  • While your recruit is in Basic Training/Boot Camp we will credit your Sandboxx Account with 6 Letter Tokens per month ($20 Value), which you can use to send letters to your service member
  • Have the ability to allocate letter tokens to other family members and friends! 
  • Weekly Newsletter (optional) delivered to your service member with a variety of military news and educational reading geared toward a successful military career. ($12.00 Value)
  • Daily Drive (optional) daily motivational quotes or bible verses sent to your recruit five days a week ($80 Value)
  • Branch Specific Ultimate Guide + Printable Calendar 
  • 25% off additional letter tokens in case you run out of your monthly allotment
  • First access to new Sandboxx products 
  • Weekly Updates about your Service Member's Military Branch/Base
  • Award winning customer support - drop us line about any question regarding military training

Letter tokens will be credited to your account within 5 minutes after purchase which you can use to send letters on our website or mobile app.

Please note this is a monthly subscription. For subscription cancellations, please contact us. By canceling your recurring subscription, you are canceling future charges only.  Remaining items on your subscription will continue to be sent though completion.  If you would like items to stop sending, please contact our customer happiness team at

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